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Macro Drama

Because macros are serious business

Macro Drama




June 19th, 2009

relatively minor drama llama visit over in Cat Macros.
amelora posts some pics of the new kittens
misspepper calls OP "fucking retarded" and there are some pictures posted that proclaim the many virtues of spaying and neutering.

February 20th, 2009

save tet


Addresses NOT shown if used to sign petition.

Please copy and paste this code to your LJ's and user info pages.

Yell at me for doing this I don't care.

August 16th, 2008

all_macros members have been treated to two posts from clintiskeen this week.

First up, a bunch of old ‘lolbums’ (previously posted on Clinton’s wildly esoteric comm back in April). Aside from calls of cutplz/bums iz not funniez, this one developed into a wankoff between Clinton and saturnswirls.

Highlights include the startling revelation that
lolbums can be a useful and shiny courtship device, the deployment of the irony defense, and Clinton’s awesome self-aggrandizement via the medium of macros.

Also note, a low attack on saturnswirls for being a ‘teen mommy’.

Today, another macrodump, this time brightly bewbiez-themed,
and a claim to have ‘inveted’ [sic] a new fail meme entitled ‘Tits make everything better’. Cutplz drama and, following a timely intervention, some threads now frozen by kittydoom.

I just wonder when is clintiskeen going to discover the miracle of roflbot?

* * * * * * *

Update: Strangely, people continue to miss the point of Clinton’s macros. Fukken point-missers.

Also, about that shitty font? Well, that’s because clintiskeen is such an hero he was too busy getting blown up daily in Iraq.

* * * * * * *

Edit: Caps of second post.

July 28th, 2008

In a nutshell, rocksalt makes the fatal error of challenging tetrabinary to a macro duel.

The matter turns upon the appreciation of Nirvana as evinced by the notoriously immature cat_macros community.

In the opinion of rocksalt "you have to be at least 22 years old to actually understand and appreciate the band in the context they existed.

"Based on the attitude towards the band expressed here, I'm guessing this is a really young community."

More for the gauntlet connoiseur than the devout thespian.


July 18th, 2008

(no subject)

clintiskeen , no longer content to impotently watch from the sidelines, gets his mentally challanged friend - nerveux to post a dog macro to cat_macros


Both the original macro's and the reply macro's properties point to clintiskeen 's photobucket account:



Fail comments and macros ensue.

I get a message in my personal journal from fagbot145607 :

From my inboxCollapse )

fagbot145607 is, of course clintiskeen :


who is, of course, a friend of nerveux :


I have screen caps but they are in html format and I can't host them to any of my accounts. Can someone help with that?

EDIT: Thanks to mrandmrschippy for the screen shots:



July 17th, 2008

(no subject)


Over in our much beloved cat_macros suffering teh cancer on a sadly now deleted thread. snowdropcookie gets a little butt hurt about be called out on the spam. Then gets more upset about being replied to with macros. Not being one to let such great injustice , comes over and replies on an open post in my journal. Then tries to deletes everything not realizing that this wasn't the community she was looking for. I only hope our much beloved kittydoom gets sent an whiny email she will share.

*edit** Three replies to me one in the community, one to my personal journal and a private message
"Mate, you're a fucking cuntard.

Take your bullshit elsewhere, and stop harassing people. You think I was spamming that community? Well don't spam my fucking posts with your bullshit."

Yes! Dear Bast, I replied with a macro in a macro community and it was called spam. Please have ceiling cat smite them.


Screen caps because it didn't happen otherwiseCollapse )

July 9th, 2008

(no subject)

Complaining that someone was mean to you is a great way to get them banned from cat_macros, y/y?

In summary: someone complained to kittydoom about someone else being a twat. kittydoom publicly mocked the request. In the comments, some people come out to kiss her ass, and others arrive to bitch and moan—some more maturely than others.

June 7th, 2008

...kind of revenge of danceswthcobras.

pulmonary_blue posts a photo of a snake + dead cat in wtf_inc. kandi_panties reposts
it in wtf_nature.

Then, zendagi has a brilliant idea. “This totally needs to be macro-ed and posted to cat_macros, Heheh. Although,” as he is careful to point out, “that would probably result in banination for whoever the poster is.” (Clearly, not zendagi).

Egged on by others totally eager for lulz, but totally less eager to put their neck on the line, kandi_panties takes up the “whoever” challenge, claiming it’s “totally worth a ban.”

Cue damp squibbery on wtf_nature, and shit fannery on cat_macros.
Screencaps behind the cut. Collapse )

May 23rd, 2008

Snake Drama

It starts with a fairly lame cat macro of a cat with a dead or injured snake, of the 'feline gift of dead things' genre.

After a single confirmed lol, minor wank ensues when danceswthcobras observes that the snake "appears to have muscle tone and is actively bleeding. My guess is that it is alive and suffering horribly." A few people sympathize, and all told, it generates 20 comments - no big deal, another ordinary day on cat_macros.

Except that danceswthcobras continues to brood and stages a mighty comeback in the form of a post with a link to dead/mutiliated cat macros on their journal, this being the mature way to prove their point that we all don't care about torture unless the victim is "cute and fluffy" or a "bleeding baby bunny rabbit." Because "sometimes you really do have to be an asshat to get your point across."

I never clicked the link to the dead cat macros. But it sounded bad (real bad) from page 1 comments. Someone pregnant said they threw up. A 4channer said it was "fucking nasty."

All I have is page 2 (of 2) before it all got bahleeted, as I came late to the party and was mid-reply at the precise moment of bahletion.

Image heavy behind the cut due to lack of capture know-how. So I just took basic screen caps x 10, which is clumsy, I know.Collapse )

May 9th, 2008

One of my favorite posters, pulmonary_blue , posted the following picture in wtf_inc  , and, of course, hilarity ensued. He posted it with a title, not as a macro, but I feel this is essentially the same thing. Fail me if you must.

Hold on Shaniqua, lemme get my head up in this shot...

The first few comments are positive, and then offended whites start their carping about racism. keeni84  's snide comment ("Wow, didn't take long for the stereotypes to start.") earned her about 70 notification e-mails (and still growing!). Notable is petshopboy1983's calling her out for having an icon where people are "thowin' the sign" (image here).

Other white people get offended on behalf of blacks and the whole thread goes crazy.

Extra LOLz to banditthehorse, who quite randomly asks the question every white person has been wondering: "am i allowed to say nigger? or is it more funny if i spell it weird?" It gets all furry from there.
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