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Ontological Shock and Nothingness


all_macros members have been treated to two posts from clintiskeen this week.

First up, a bunch of old ‘lolbums’ (previously posted on Clinton’s wildly esoteric comm back in April). Aside from calls of cutplz/bums iz not funniez, this one developed into a wankoff between Clinton and saturnswirls.

Highlights include the startling revelation that
lolbums can be a useful and shiny courtship device, the deployment of the irony defense, and Clinton’s awesome self-aggrandizement via the medium of macros.

Also note, a low attack on saturnswirls for being a ‘teen mommy’.

Today, another macrodump, this time brightly bewbiez-themed,
and a claim to have ‘inveted’ [sic] a new fail meme entitled ‘Tits make everything better’. Cutplz drama and, following a timely intervention, some threads now frozen by kittydoom.

I just wonder when is clintiskeen going to discover the miracle of roflbot?

* * * * * * *

Update: Strangely, people continue to miss the point of Clinton’s macros. Fukken point-missers.

Also, about that shitty font? Well, that’s because clintiskeen is such an hero he was too busy getting blown up daily in Iraq.

* * * * * * *

Edit: Caps of second post.
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